The Visionaries Collection

An exclusive collection of signed Limited Edition prints from the UK's leading Fantasy artists.

These were published by Steve Jackson for his original physical gallery. They were printed by Fine Art Trade Guild printers to a standard higher than the Guild specification. Some copies are still available of most of the editions though one or two are currently unavailable for technical or legal reasons that we are doing our best to rectify. If you want to buy one of the ones that is not currently available then let us know and we will contact you as soon as it becomes available again.

The collection consists of:

Universe Five by Patrick Woodroffe
Venus Prime by Jim Burns
The Triumph of Green by Patrick Woodroffe
The Hobbit by Iain McCaig
Space Marine by Jim Burns
The Ghoul by Les Edwards
Dragonflight by Linda Garland
Dungeoneer by John Sibbick

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