Steve Weston

Steve Weston

The Dragon Master

Best known for his work on many of Anne McCaffrey's books, Steve Weston began what was to be a long-standing association between Writer and Artist in 1982 with the cover for Dragon Dreams (Corgi). Since then he has gone on to produce some 15 paintings for McCaffrey's works, the most recent one being To Ride Pegasus.

Steve originally studied Graphic Design at Oxford and worked as a commercial designer until 1976. He held his first exhibition; a one-man show of natural history paintings, in 1977. This launched his career as a freelance artist and illustrator. Apart from his McCaffrey work, he has also worked on many other book jackets, magazines, video covers and computer game illustrations. He has also designed and illustrated complete books of his own work. His technique is mainly airbrush with some fine brush work added into the details.. His paintings are produced from elaborate pencil drawings which lay out all the shadow and form of the final image. And this is how he creates such magnificent mythical beasts as may be seen from the paintings on exhibit. He is particularly concerned with a 'realistic' approach to his Dragons. As he says about his cover to Dragon Dreams:

"I designed the Dragon to look as if it would actually be able to fly: stable and light, with a large wing area. Once established, this type of Dragon was used on all the other Dragon paintings done for Anne McCaffrey. The original concept was therefore very important."

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