Rodney Matthews

Rodney Matthews was born in 1945 and grew up in the rural south west of England. After his 'A' levels he went to Bristol Art College. At an early age Rodney Matthews was taught to draw by his father who was always drawing Walt Disney characters all over the walls of the house! At this young age, Rodney fell in love with both the fantasy world of Disney and the natural world around him. Much of his work is a fusion of these two perceptions.  Being a devout Christian, he often paints Biblical scenes, such as Lament for the Weary, Fear No Evil, Fall Babylon Fall and Peace at Last.

Since graduating from art college Rodney Matthews has been a freelance artist, except for a short spell with an advertising agency at the beginning while he was still building up his contacts in book cover illustration. Covers for many SF and fantasy books, ranging from Stephen Lawhead's Paradise War to the fabulous painting of Lord Jagged for Michael Moorcock's Dancers at the End of Time books were painted by Rodney Matthews..

Rodney Matthews has painted album covers for bands such as Thin Lizzy, Magnum, Asia, Praying Mantis and Rick Wakeman. A later venture was the animation project for children called Lavender Castle that was conceived and designed by Rodney Matthews.  It is not so well known that Rodney Matthews also plays drums on a CD which has his painting House on the Rock (another Biblical painting) for its cover.

Strangely, in all these years very few limited edition prints of Rodney Matthews' work have been produced, but in 1990 he was commissioned to produce four paintings to be published as four large limited edition Rodney Matthews 'Alice in Wonderland' prints (S/N 750).

Rodney Matthews is still working as an artist and lives in Wales with his family.

Rodney Matthews' work on the Web
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