Roger and Linda Garland

Roger Garland received his first commission in 1981 from Allen & Unwin, which was to be the start of a productive relationship with the publishers of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. He was commissioned for the Tolkien calendar in 1984 and 1989 and is currently working on three more Tolkien books: Farmer Giles of Ham, Smith of Wootten Major and Tom Bombadil, which comprise full colour cover illustrations and 12 black and white illustrations for each book (which will eventually be available as limited edition etchings). Five of his Tolkien illustrations have been published as Limited Edition Prints.

Linda Garland has worked as an illustrator for several publishing companies in London, America, Australia and Europe. Her work has been exhibited in Geneva and Germany and has also sold several works to collectors in the USA. She has had many of her works published as Limited Edition prints.

Apart from the book covers they have both worked on, they co-operated on Dragonflight, an in-depth illustrative study of dragons which featured many fine full-colour illustrations of the mythical beasts and has now become a collectors' item. The painting Dragonflight is itself inspired by the Anne McCaffrey book of the same title.

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