Patrick Woodroffe

Patrick Woodroffe

Fairy Tale Dream Worlds

Patrick Woodroffe's unique style is unmistakable. One cannot help but marvel at his vivid use of colour, his painstaking fine detailed work and the infinite patience which goes into each of his creations. His enchanting characters and his strange creatures are set together with a sort of fairy tale innocence in surrealistic scenes of rich colours.

"An artist embroiders real life by creating little fictions of his own. He uses these lies not only to amuse himself and to exorcise his deepest fears, but also to communicate with his fellows. It is his way of blurring the borderline between his own individual mental landscape and the external reality he believes he shares with others."

Unlike most of the other Visionary Artists, Woodroffe was not trained in fine art, but in languages. He became a full-time artist and illustrator in 1972 when demand for his work on book covers and album sleeves finally allowed him to achieve his ambition to devote himself full-time to his art. Since then he has held numerous exhibitions at galleries around Europe including a major exhibition in Switzerland in the summer of 1992. He has also had a number of his own books - including children's storybooks which he has both illustrated and written - published in several different languages. He was also commissioned for character design in the film version of The Never Ending Story.  He died on 10th  May 2014 and was undoubtedly one of the most remarkable and talented artists of all time.

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