Peter Andrew Jones

Peter Andrew Jones

Other-Worldly Visions

Peter Andrew Jones trained at the St. Martin's School of Art originally as a graphic designer. Upon graduation, he developed his own style of Science Fiction illustration, characterised by strong central characters set in other-worldly landscapes.

These images became sought after by book and game publishers and Jones set up his own enterprise, the Solar Wind studio, to commercially develop this style. Constantly resisting conformity, he created a stir in publishing circles when he submitted his design for a cover to the million-selling Fighting Fantasy Gamebook, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Much to the publisher's chagrin, he had left space for the book title in the centre of the illustration - a concept which defied the unwritten rule that titles must appear at the top of the book cover.

Since then his work has appeared on many novel, gamebook, role-playing game and computer game covers and these days much of his work is completed for overseas publishers.

With a catalogue of over 350 original works, Jones is one of the most prolific of the Visionary Artists. Many of these are to be found in a book of his work, appropriately entitled Solar Wind.

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