Les Edwards

Les Edwards

Master of the Macabre

Les Edwards' preferred style is more in the field of Horror than Science Fiction or Fantasy.

"My first view of Goya's Saturn Devouring His Children left me thunderstruck. To see a graphically macabre and violent image as a painting and presented as Art came as a complete shock. Here was someone whose mind ran along similar lines to mine."

Many of his paintings focus more on a portrait-style perspective than a depiction of a scene in its entirety. Edwards has developed this style from his appreciation of classical portraiture.

"A portrait is a true test of an artist's skill - not just to create a likeness, but to breath life into it. Van Dyke's portraits live to the extent that you feel you are in the presence of a real person. No photograph could have the same quality. This is virtuoso painting and it is also genius."

Edwards trained at Hornsey School of Art. Since he began his career as a freelance artist, his work has become recognised and respected by book and game publishers. His covers adorn many of the Conan the Barbarian novels, and his works can be found on Fantasy Game and Gamebook covers, including the best-selling HeroQuest game, published by Milton Bradley. Blood and Iron, a collection of Edwards' own works, was published in 1990.

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The Ghoul

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