Jim Burns

Jim Burns

Visions of the Far Future

Jim Burns is probably the best-known contemporary British Science Fiction illustrator. He has perfected his own style by highlighting not only the traditional elements of SF but also its organic and erotic overtones.

His works are striking for their 'larger-than-life' portrayals of scenes of the far future and in particular for his fantastic 'hardware'. His masterful technique depicts land, sky and space vehicles in gleaming metal and plastic so perfectly painted that one senses one can actually feel the metallic touch of chrome or smell the pungent odour of plastic in his work. As SF writer Harry Harrison once said of Burns:

"You'll find the same love of texture in the softness of a woman's skin as you will in the brittle coldness of machined metal. SF art at its best."

He is constantly in demand for for UK book covers although more recently his work is being commissioned by American publishing houses as his name and his super-realism technique become well-known on the other side of the Atlantic. SF author Robert Silverberg came across his work on a British cover of one of his books and was so impressed that he insisted that Burns was used on his US books as well - only to find that his US publishers had beaten him to it and already signed him up for the task.

Apart from book and game covers, Burns worked with Ridley Scott on Blade Runner. He has also had books of his own works published: Lightship, Planet Story (written by Harry Harrison), Mechanismo, Transluminal and many others.

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