Daniel Woods 1957 - 2019

Daniel Woods studied art and illustration at Brighton Polytechnic, gaining his degree there in 1979.

Though known internationally - even published in Japan - most of Daniel's work was through major UK publishers such as Penguin, Pan and Hamish Hamilton, for publication in England and Europe.

He was much sought after for illustrating children's fantasy and folk tales, an area in which Daniel had completed a vast and bewildering array of books, posters and magazines. One worthy of special mention is The Magician (Paper Tiger), a large hardback fiction which spawned three similar titles the year after its release.

Daniel also worked for several music publishers, producing album covers for famous acts like Captain Sensible, TV Smith, The Damned, Artists for Animals and The Fish Brothers. He gained experience in the advertising field in the early years by doing story boarding at a London agency. On the more humorous side, he has produced numerous cartoons and T-shirts for several bands and charitable projects.

Daniel's larger scale works are often on display in exhibitions and galleries. These works include not just his famous fantasy pieces, but also sketches of architecture, landscapes, still lifes and portraits.

He died on 6th january 2019 after a couple of horrendous years of debilitating terminal cancer that mercilessly robbed him of one after another of his many talents (he was also an incredibly talented guitarist and session musician) before finally taking his life.  He endured his final years with a stoicism, good humour and positivity that can only be described as awe-inspiring.  He is sorely missed by family, friends and a legion of fans around the world.

Daniel's work on the Web

The Alchemist
Merlin the Healer
Druid's Grove
The Magician's Hall

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